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  • Dove with Bridal Couple Inlay Card
    $0.00 Dove with Bridal Couple Inlay Card
    Make this gorgeous card for that special couple!  Cut out one of the 3-D Bridal Couple prints (#3D83572 by Reddy) from the sheet.   Using your favorite die cutting machine and the Dove Filling...

  • Peacock Goose Egg - White and Gold
    $0.00 Peacock Goose Egg - White and Gold
    SOLD - White and Gold Peacock Goose Egg on gold stand.  Peacock "feathers" made using fantasy film and fantasy fiber.

  • Geometric Carved & Glittered Egg
    $55.00 Geometric Carved & Glittered Egg
    Geometric design carved goose egg.  Inside is painted white and glittered with crystal ultra-fine transparent glitter.  Outside is painted with shades of pink and purple and glittered with three shades of...

  • Rosebud Urn Goose Egg
    $0.00 Rosebud Urn Goose Egg
    Goose Egg using Flower Soft Pots & Urns cutting sheet.  Fuchsia Flower Soft applied to wire stems, and hand made paper rosebud stems complete the arrangement in the urn.  The urn is cut out, shaped and...

  • Peacock Emu Egg
    $75.00 Peacock Emu Egg
    The peacock is the emu egg shell! The peacock was drawn on the egg and the egg shell was carved away on each side of the peacock design to reveal the inside which is painted a peridot green. Breast feathers are gold foil,...

  • Kaleidoscope Goose Egg
    $38.00 Kaleidoscope Goose Egg
    This egg was created using Busy Bee Creations pre-assembled Kaleidoscope Goose Egg (EGG600), and adding gold outline mosaic grid (SS1038G), gold mini mosaic squares (FIN16108), rhinestone double row multicolor trim...

  • Domed Merry Christmas Card with Quilled Poinsettia
    $0.00 Domed Merry Christmas Card with Quilled Poinsettia
    Quill a beautiful poinsettia to display in this round domed card!  Add a Mrs. Grossman's clear "Merry Christmas" script sticker that includes holly for the corners and you have a beautiful holiday card. ...

  • Witches' Brew Goose Egg
    $65.00 Witches' Brew Goose Egg
    Created using the fairy half-doll green (color face and hands with green chalk) on a goose egg painted orange, change clothing to match egg.  Add witch hat and cape trimmed with black double loop braid.  Cobweb...

  • 4 Card Set - Pyramid Purple & Pink Flowers
    $0.00 4 Card Set - Pyramid Purple & Pink Flowers
    Make all four cards using 3-D Precut Pyramid Purple & Pink Flowers sheet #3D83801.  All four cards are the same size.  See detailed description and related products for a complete list of supplies used to...

  • Domed Fairy Card with Quilling
    $0.00 Domed Fairy Card with Quilling
    Display this metallic 3-D marigold fairy design in a domed card embellished with quilling.  Use Dufex sheet #3D248773 and foam pads to achieve the demension.  See related products for a list of items used to create...

  • Crystal Plaid Goose Egg
    $45.00 Crystal Plaid Goose Egg
    SOLD - Narrow gold elastic cord, acrylic paints in pink, blue, lavendar and green, crystal ultra-fine transparent glitter (item #GT85) applied with Designer Dries Clear glue (item #GLU2) using the ultra-fine metal tip (item...

  • Peacock Goose Egg - Hanging
    $45.00 Peacock Goose Egg - Hanging
    SOLD - This goose egg was created with thin gold cording and three shades of glitter.  We used Deep Forest item #GO49, Royal Wink item #GO24, and Grape item #GO19 opaque glitter for a peacock feather effect. ...

  • Chain & Tassel Egg
    $42.00 Chain & Tassel Egg
    This goose egg is painted bronze.  There are gold links with topaz sets that connected the chain.  The chain is made of individual jump rings or chain can be substituted.  The five gold tassels hang from the...

  • Peacock Goose Egg
    $125.00 Peacock Goose Egg
    SOLD - A beaded goose egg with peacock bird head attached. The head can be mounted facing either forward or backward. The tail feathers are beaded on wire, the back body is beaded using thread. The front body of the egg...

  • Quilled Pansy Egg
    $25.00 Quilled Pansy Egg
    A hanging chicken egg is covered in purple quilled paper pieces. The lavender quilling paper is included in the 1/16" multi-color pack item #QP3200. The purple quilling paper is included in the 1/8" multi-color pack item...

  • Quilled Half-Doll Egg
    $125.00 Quilled Half-Doll Egg
    The skirt is an emu egg covered in peach and white quilled paper pieces trimmed with multi-colored rhinestone chain. The porcelain half-doll is dressed in coordinating fabric accessorized with a floral hat, bouquet and...

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